Frequently Asked Questions


My Payroll Tax is behind, can you help me?

Many clients come to us with issues regarding back payroll tax reporting or needing help getting their payroll tax accounts straightened out. Don't worry, we've got you covered! We deal with all aspects of our client's payroll tax reporting, from re-creating payroll records in disarray to getting amended reports filed, to simply catching up un-filed payroll reports. 


I only have a couple employees, do you do small payroll like this?

Absolutely! We have a special rate for small employers with 1 to 5 employees, making our payroll service extremely affordable for small employers. Give us a call today for your quote!


I tried to do my own books, but now they're in a mess. Can you help?

No worries, we've got this! You're expertise is in running your business; ours is making sure your books are in order and helping you evaluate your profitability and areas of opportunity. Bring us your "mess"; we'll get it straightened out for you!